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About Cairn International Edition

Founded in 2005 by four Belgian and French academic publishers, offers the most comprehensive online collection of francophone publications in social sciences and humanities. In 2023, more than 600 journals and 18 000 eBooks from major French, Belgian and Swiss publishers can be accessed by students, scholars and librarians worldwide on To make this invaluable content accessible to a non–francophone readership, launched Cairn International Edition, an English-language platform where abstracts and selected articles from key journals on are translated from French into English, enabling users to search, browse and read this content without speaking a word of French. Cairn International Edition received support from the Centre Français d'exploitation du droit de Copie.

With the support of CFC

The Centre Français d'exploitation du droit de Copie, a collective management organisation for intellectual property rights, authorises analog and digital reproduction of books and press publications and collects royalty fees on behalf of authors and publishers. CFC authorises digital reproduction for business or pedagogical purposes from books and press publications pursuant to voluntary mandates from their publishers. Besides, CFC is the only collective management organisation appointed by the French Ministry of culture to administer reprographic rights for books and press publications in France. CFC also distributes the share allocated to press publishers in the digital private copy scheme.

Translation Partners

Cadenza Academic Translations

At Cadenza Academic Translations we specialize in academic articles, papers and books in the arts, humanities and social sciences, working with universities, research organizations, academic journals and publishing houses. Cadenza embraces a dual ethos: fidelity to the author’s words and close attention to how an author’s vision of the world may be conveyed, intact and with élan, to the target readership. We apply these principles with absolute equality, whether we are working on a text of three hundred words or a three-million words project. From Aristotle to Zeno, from anthropology to Zoroastrianism, the Cadenza team delights in the linguistic journeys that carry enlightenment back and forth across the world. To make this work, to make it more than an aspiration, we count on the diverse academic background of our translators to match subject with expertise. Familiarity with the relevant publications, minute attention to detail, scrupulous checking of referencing, and concern for appropriate style are the hallmarks of all our work. Cadenza’s translators and editors are all highly qualified in their respective fields, but that is not enough: through our rigorous testing procedure they also have to demonstrate the ability to reproduce complex ideas that are perfectly at ease in their new linguistic vehicle.


Eurozine is a network of European cultural journals, linking up more than 90 partner journals and associated magazines and institutions from nearly all European countries. Eurozine is also an online magazine which publishes outstanding articles from its partner journals with additional translations into one of the major European languages.

Books & Ideas

Books & Ideas is the English-language mirror website of La Vie des Idées, a free online journal which has gained a large readership and established itself in France as a major place for intellectual debate since 2007.
Books & Ideas publishes essays, reviews, and interviews on a weekly basis. It emphasizes pluri- and trans-disciplinarity, and embraces all the political and social sciences, with one central concern: offering short, highly readable, and unpublished pieces of outstanding scholarship to the general public. To do this, we rely on a network of correspondents based in Europe, Russia, the Americas, as well as Asia.
Books and Ideas provides free quality information about current intellectual life and international publications by drawing on the enhanced accessibility, the thematic dossiers, the videos, and the responsiveness afforded by the internet. Making academic production a regular part of public life is our main challenge.

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