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The present article studies the construction of a market in e-campuses via the internet. This process, which is one of the factors active in redrawing the borders between initial education and continuing education, is one of the international orientations aimed at merchandizing certain public services. Nevertheless, although it is very tempting to assign these agreements a decisive role in the construction of an e-learning market, the determining factor is actually State action : not only does the State ensure the properly political task of working out the rules that will include digital campuses in a logic of regulation by market forces, it also produces a restatement of the economic stakes in pedagogical terms suited to legitimizing the market’s construction. In addition to the juridical and official texts that make it possible to apprehend these new rules, the article uses a field study carried out among official representatives of the office of Information and Communication Technologies. These officials were responsible for passing on the ministerial guidelines to the university community ; they performed their task all the better as they were personally convinced of the pedagogical benefits of these technologies and saw this as a good opportunity to enhance the value of the skills accumulated over the course of their professional trajectories.


    Sandrine Garcia
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