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Social sciences – particularly approaches that emphasize the idea that dispositions are incorporated – are growingly interested in brain science. Such studies often refer to so-called “social” neurosciences – albeit in a general and abstract way. Yet, it can prove relevant to reflect on the relationship between social and neural sciences based on a direct, ethnographic observation of a specific research process – in this instance, an experience using electroencephalogram to study individual dispositions to political violence. Such an observation – carried out within an established US laboratory – underscores that the sociality of human behaviour is left out of the usual practice of social neurosciences. Social differentiation among the subjects of the experience, the interpersonal interactions that condition the brain, as much as the institutional and historical determinations of representations are overlooked – at times in an absurd fashion (as strange stimuli). This article is therefore an invitation to take into account these epistemological, theoretical, and methodological specificities, which may be overcome on the condition that social sciences recognise their distinct scientific stance within interdisciplinary relations.

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