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For decades, a lot of work on gender and sexuality has given accounts of the intensive transformations taking place in Western countries. Less known yet important advancements have also taken place in the South. The papers in this volume prove this and at the same time propose that myths be broken between gender and sexuality, femininity and masculinity, and heterosexuality and homosexuality. In many countries, producing sexual identity, like the process linked to globalization, depends on the particularities of the local context such as post-colonial situation, economic crisis, transnational exchanges based either on migration or tourism, religious practices, NGO policies, etc. In various African countries especially, it seems that the increased attachment of the value of money to social relations determines the social forms of sexuality, gender relations, and therefore, the production of sexual identities.
This journal has the goal of promoting reflection on societies in the South to gain a better understanding of their contemporary dynamics and to demonstrate their diversity. The transversal nature of the topics examined encompasses texts from a variety of disciplines in the social sciences. Read more...
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