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In matters of sexuality and procreation, men and women’s roles are neither symmetric nor are they equal. Women get pregnant and give birth but this does not make the role of the man less crucial at all stages. This role includes the fact that they are sexual partners, holders of a greater part of the power to make decisions within the marital and family contexts and also of political and economic power. While men are widely taken into consideration in matters of sexual health, that is not the case with reproductive health. The reasons for this absence are linked to the history of the scientific analysis on fertility and that of the political fight against male domination of the woman’s body. Programs and discussions centered on reproductive health generally concern women. What would be the place of men in this? This issue brings together new thoughts and research on the role of men in the sexual and reproductive sphere by situating observations made in various geographical and social contexts, in diverse domains such as sexual violence, the choice of contraceptives, abortion, and pregnancy follow-up especially in HIV/AIDS cases.
This journal has the goal of promoting reflection on societies in the South to gain a better understanding of their contemporary dynamics and to demonstrate their diversity. The transversal nature of the topics examined encompasses texts from a variety of disciplines in the social sciences. Read more...
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