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The French-Speaking Peoples and Their Languages: The Case of Nigeriens. In the area of perceptions, this paper attempts to bring to light some features of the linguistic landscape of the Niger Republic, characterized by a situation of vehicular diglossia contrasting "high" variety French with "low" Hausa and Zarma varieties. From an inquiry based on a sample of more than 3,800 individuals, all of whom belong to one of the five major linguistic communities, indicators were selected in order to understand the Nigeriens' linguistic image of French, the only official language, next to several local languages whose importance varies greatly. Officially a French-speaking country and not frequently studied by specialists, Niger finds here one of the first general reports on its national sociolinguistic reality.


  • Niger
  • vehicular diglossy
  • French
  • French-speaking area
  • declared practises
  • representations
Pascal Singy
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