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Producing wage labour: status and hierarchies

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Diversification of wage conditions

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Reflections on wage labour in Africa have known different trends and been the subject of fluctuating interests, inscribed in plural historicities. This issue offers to renew its understanding in different sectors of activity. It is based on the recent increase in the waged fraction of the working classes in many countries, mobilised by construction sites, mines, plantations, security guards or through the monetisation of labour relationships that were not previously monetised. The present empirical and theoretical analyses aim to shed light on this phenomenon, all too discreet in the scientific debate and the understanding of global dynamics from an African perspective. This issue examines the practices and imaginaries associated with wage labour and the biographical trajectories of subaltern wage earners by drawing on several disciplinary horizons. Furthermore, it reassesses the wage relationship in Africa and reopens the debate on the analytical tools to study it.

The journal deals with all subjects related to Africa, from the West Indies to the African populations of the Americas, and favors an anthropological and historical approach. Read more...
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