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Cahiers de psychologie clinique is a twice-yearly interdisciplinary journal that welcomes various approaches to clinical psychology and psychotherapy. It publishes clinical and research articles, as well as articles that describe and evaluate psychotherapeutic methods, present and analyze mental health training initiatives, and review recent publications in the field. The journal also gives the floor to reflections on social, ethical, or political problems linked to the practice of clinical psychology, as well as aiming to support the early works of young authors.

Cahiers de psychologie clinique is published with the support of the Walloon region and the French Community Commission.

Editorial Board

Editors-in-chief: Alex Lefèbvre and Antoine Masson

Editorial committee:
Patrick De Neuter, Vinciane Despret, Isabelle Duret, Denis Hirsch, Nelle Lambert, Françoise Lotstra, Nicole Minazio, Annig Segers-Laurent et Philippe Woitchik.

Scientific committee:
Pr. Guy Ausloos (Montréal, Canada), Pr. Maurizio Balsamo (Roma, Italy), Maurice Berger (Saint Etienne, France), Danièle Deschamps (Switzerland), Danielle Flagey (Brussels, Belgium), Serge Frisch (Luxemburg, Luxemburg), Serge Goldman (Brussels, Belgium), Bernadette Grosjean (Los Angeles, USA), Pr. Lewis Allen Kirshner (Boston, USA), Baudouin de Landsheere (Brussels, Belgium), Pr. Darian Leader (London, UK), Pr. Philippe Lekeuche (Brussels, Belgium), Pr. Philippe van Meerbeeck (Brussels, Belgium), Pr. Robert Neuburger (Paris, France), Pr. Régnier Pirard (Nantes, France), Pr. Luiz Eduardo Prado de Oliveira (Paris, France and Sao Paulo, Brazil), Serge Schiffman (Brussels, Belgium), Pr. Alain Vanier (Paris, France), Jean-Pierre Vidit (Metz, France), Pr. François Villa (Paris, France).

Guidelines for authors

Manuscripts should be addressed to the editorial team, with the title on the first page.

The journal only accepts new, previously unpublished articles in French or English. We kindly ask authors to keep in mind that the journal aims to reach a diverse readership, providing it with core theoretical knowledge.

Each author’s professional title, email address, and institution should be indicated in a note at the bottom of the first page. Full correspondence addresses should appear on the final page, at the end of the article.

Notes should appear at the bottom of the page (as footnotes), and their numbering should be continuous throughout the article. Footnoted references must follow this order: initials of author’s first name, author’s surname, title of the article or book, title of the work (in italics) in which the text features, place of publication, publisher, year of publication, series (if applicable).

The reference list should appear at the end of the article. Entries must follow this order: surnames of all authors in small capitals, followed by the initials of their first names, year of publication of the article in brackets, title of the article or chapter, title of the journal or book in which the text features (in italics), page numbers (in the format pp. xx), place of publication, publisher.

Articles should be accompanied by a short abstract of a few lines, in French and English, along with five keywords (again in French and English).

The abstract should not exceed 200 words. It must present the topic (theory, hypothesis. . .), then the methodology, then the results (the main results for discussion). It is recommended that you use simple, short, and clear sentences, and the presentation must be more “scientific” than “literary.” The English version must be written in good English. The keywords must be clear and should not include jargon.

The editorial committee examines the articles submitted and may enlist the opinions of experts from the scientific committee. You will receive a response within three months. Authors must review the proofs that are returned to them to prepare them for press before sending them on to the publisher within the specified deadline.

All scientific correspondence should be sent, in electronic format only, to Mme Liliane Dirkx at

Articles submitted are the property of the journal and may not be published or translated without the permission of the publisher and the editorial committee.


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Cahiers de psychologie clinique, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 1370-074X
Online ISSN : 1782-1401
Publisher : De Boeck Supérieur

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