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Cahiers du Genre emphasizes theoretical debates on gender relations from a resolutely multidisciplinary and international perspective. By publishing top-class research, it contributes to the production of new tools, concepts, and analyses in the social sciences. It distinguishes itself by the wide range of issues addressed around gender. Thus, themed issues deal not only with the working world and the public and political spheres, but also the many facets of private life, including emotional, psychic, and psychological aspects. Twice a year, Cahiers du Genre publishes themed issues on subjects such as work, the body, equality, the family, sexuality, politics, social movements, science and technology, social activities, public policy, violence, feminism, and art. In doing so, it draws on research conducted in sociology, history, anthropology, occupational psychology, and political science. Thus the journal allows its readers to understand the similarities and differences between the forms that gender relations take, from one society to another and from one period in history to another.

The international character of the journal is expressed in the composition of its issues, which gives a lot of room to articles by non-French researchers recognized by the international scientific community. Some of the texts would remain inaccessible to a French readership were it not for the French translations of their work published in Cahiers du Genre.

Editorial Committee

Director of Publication: Pascale Molinier

Editorial Secretary: Danièle Senotier

Reading Committee

Madeleine Akrich, Hourya Bentouhami, Sandra Boehringer, José Calderón, Maxime Cervulle, Danielle Chabaud-Rychter, Isabelle Clair, Sandrine Dauphin, Virginie Descoutures, Anne-Marie Devreux (Director 2007-2013), Jules Falquet, Estelle Ferrarese, Maxime Forest, Dominique Fougeyrollas-Schwebel, Fanny Gallot, Nacira Guénif-Souilamas, Jacqueline Heinen (Director 1997-2008), Helena Hirata, Danièle Kergoat, Éléonore Lépinard, Marylène Lieber, Ilana Löwy, Hélène Yvonne Meynaud, Pascale Molinier, Delphine Naudier, Roland Pfefferkorn, Wilfried Rault, Fatiha Talahite, Priscille Touraille, Josette Trat, Pierre Tripier, Eleni Varikas

Office of the Reading Committee

Isabelle Clair, Virginie Descoutures, Dominique Fougeyrollas-Schwebel, Helena Hirata, Pascale Molinier, Danièle Senotier

Head of Reviews: Virginie Descoutures

Scientific Committee

Christian Baudelot, Alain Bihr, Françoise Collin †, Christophe Dejours, Annie Fouquet, Geneviève Fraisse, Maurice Godelier, Monique Haicault, Françoise Héritier, Jean-Claude Kaufmann, Christiane Klapisch-Zuber, Nicole-Claude Mathieu, Michelle Perrot, Serge Volkoff

Foreign Correspondents

Carme Alemany Gómez (Spain), Boel Berner (Sweden), Paola Cappellin-Giuliani (Brazil), Cynthia Cockburn (United Kingdom), Alisa Del Re (Italy), Virgínia Ferreira (Portugal), Ute Gerhard (Germany), Jane Jenson (Canada), Diane Lamoureux (Canada), Sara Lara (Mexico), Bérengère Marques-Pereira (Belgium), Andjelka Milic (Serbia), Machiko Osawa (Japan), Renata Siemienska (Poland), Birte Siim (Denmark), Fatou Sow (Senegal), Angelo Soares (Canada), Diane Tremblay (Canada), Louise Vandelac (Canada), Katia Vladimirova (Bulgaria)


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Cahiers du Genre, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 1298-6046
Online ISSN : 1968-3928
Publisher : Association Féminin Masculin Recherches

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