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“A Child Is Killed”

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This issue focuses on the various aspects of the problem of murder of a child (or several children) within the family setting in the broad sense. This issue considers various clinical dimensions of child murder by using a psychodynamic approach to understand the procession elements which clarify this clinic: the specific conditions of passage to the act, the family and transgenerational dimension, abortion, what lies behind denial of pregnancy . . . To consider the problem of child murder is also to consider how sensory experience and first relational bonds between mother and baby structuring the primary bond in a severe pathological context are formed and structured.
This journal publishes papers in the fields of clinical psychology, psychopathology, and psychoanalysis, which refer to the Freudian method. It is devoted to transmitting rigorously conceptualized innovative clinical experiences to the scientific community. The thematic structure of the issues opens the door to other fields: political science, social sciences, anthropology, medicine, and neuroscience. Read more...
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