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What do objects have to teach historians who seek to understand better the workings of gender? This issue of Clio HGF “Making Gender with Things” attempts to answer this question. Focusing on the specificity of material culture from biblical times to the present, the contributors analyze political handkerchiefs, soldiers’ uniforms, jewelry, advertising games, dishes, and fragments of fabric and pottery. Some authors work from the objects themselves, others approach them through literary or visual representations. Using these varied methods and sources, the articles show how women and men use objects to construct their identities and subjectivities, how objects make gender, and how objects tell us a different history from that told by texts.

This French gender history journal is open to interdisciplinary approaches. It encourages submissions from scholars working on the history of women and gender in all parts of the world and in all periods. Read more...
Uploaded on on 02/02/2015
ISBN 9782701190457
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