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Did women have to wait until the 20th century to be considered citizens and act as such? Has access to citizenship always been determined by power relations between the sexes? This number of Clio questions the concept of citizenship in the light of women’s and gender history, which has long enabled us to redefine its vocabulary and its contours. From classical Antiquity to contemporary Algeria, Nigeria and Mexico, by way of medieval and early modern Italy and eighteenth-century France, the different experiences of citizenship – (exercised at various levels: local, within the city, the State, or international bodies) are shown to be much more diverse than the exercise simply of political rights. The practices defining citizenship are therefore not only a matter for the law or its pronouncement, but result from more complex social relationships, in which gender inequalities come interact with economic or cultural inequalities. This issue therefore aims to shed light on the many levels of possible participation in political matters, and contributes to a salutary historicization of contemporary citizenship.

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