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What is a reputation? Why does the opinion of others influence our actions and our judgments? What value does their opinion hold in how we access information, and how can we take account of it in a logical manner? How can we avoid gossip and manipulation? The gaze of others, their appraisal, follows us in our daily lives where it influences our identity construction, decisions, product choices, and positions on current events. Without this constant feedback of what others think, our mental lives would be more similar to those of animals. Separate from rational and motivated behavior—integral to classical models of rationality and a quality shared with many other species—the essence of what is human seems to reside in our ability to judge our own thoughts while constantly seeking reassurance from the opinions of others. Reputation is omnipresent in our social, moral, and cognitive lives, however, it remains a difficult concept to understand: Is it quantifiable? Is it objectifiable? Does relying on reputation condemn us to a biased and subjective view of reality?
A seminal publication for the study of mass communication and semiological analyses in France, the journal publishes original articles by renowned scientists as well as young researchers, with since the eighties a definite socio-anthropological focus, thus opening new paths for research and giving priority to demanding cross-disciplinarity. Read more...
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