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From the day-to-day weather experienced on an individual, thus local, scale, to the long time of the climate envisioned and analyzed on a wider geographical scale and on a lengthier time pace, this issue tries to rehabilitate the weather, or to at least induce a fresh look at the weather in the human and social sciences. The ethnologists, historians, geographers, climatologists, literature analysts gathered for the production of this issue all contribute, along their own disciplinary approach, to make all the sense of what we can call the “weathersensibility”. Thus, the question at stake could be phrased as follows: what does the weather make to us?
A seminal publication for the study of mass communication and semiological analyses in France, the journal publishes original articles by renowned scientists as well as young researchers, with since the eighties a definite socio-anthropological focus, thus opening new paths for research and giving priority to demanding cross-disciplinarity. Read more...
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