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When their child is born, every parent desires that one day the child should become independent and will live life as he or she chooses. The discovery that their child has a disability is liable to provoke bewilderment and disorientation. Time comes to a halt, and the future becomes unpredictable and uncertain. It therefore becomes difficult to represent to oneself how the different steps that make up a life, from the early years to the adult age, are going to be taken. How will he/she be able to be educated, to learn, to grow, with the limits that the disability imposes upon him/her? How can he/she become a self-possessed individual, and present him/herself to others? Will the whole family remain frozen in a permanent state of overprotection, hindering the processes of individuation and autonomy, because they are unable to represent their child to themselves as a future adult? Will the professionals remain confined to the present moment of their own treatment, afraid to set anything in stone by making a prognosis, and thus preventing any projection into the future? Will the places the child enters into—educational, social, specialized services . . . and particularly CAMSPs, responsible for early support, and generally multi-disciplinary—try to adapt themselves to the singularity of each child, or will they make the child adapt to them? In this issue, professionals who support subjects affected by disabilities from childhood to adulthood, but also those who experience these situations from the inside, try to sketch out a catalog of this complexity.

The journal of the French National Association of Early Medico-Social Intervention Teams and Centers (ANECAMSP) focuses on topics related to children with disabilities. Read more...
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