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The development of the fetus and/or very young baby can be affected by factors in the maternal environment (fetal alcohol syndrome, intoxicants, infectious fetopathies . . .), the familial or social environment (feeding, disadvantaged living conditions . . .). The WHO has made this one of the general principles of its global plan to counter non-transmissible illnesses for the period 2013–2020, while the French national strategy for health calls for a comprehensive management of health determinants, with a prominent place given to prevention. This issue analyzes these risk factors and presents the interventions carried out so as to limit their effects, in particular in the form of help given to parents (via PMIs [Protection maternelle et infantile, Maternal and Child Protection Service], networks to facilitate access to care for young parents, to support pregnant women in situations of serious precarity, parenting centers, the mobilization of public authorities, etc.)

The journal of the French National Association of Early Medico-Social Intervention Teams and Centers (ANECAMSP) focuses on topics related to children with disabilities. Read more...
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