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Over the last twenty years, our knowledge about the human genome has progressed considerably, as have the technologies enabling access to it, which have decreased in cost. Because of this, genetics has gradually begun to take root within various areas of medicine, particularly those of rare illnesses and disabilities, whether they be motor, mental, or sensory-related. The subject of genetics is particularly relevant for vulnerable children admitted to CAMSPs (Centers for Early Medicosocial Intervention), as well as their families. It is important that professionals who care for these children are fully aware of the benefits and limitations of accessing the genome, of the ethical issues that arise from it, and of what this knowledge would mean for the families. This would enable them to better accompany them in their journey. We will therefore focus on the issues, for the parents, surrounding the search for a genetic diagnosis, as well as looking at the feelings that arise from this.

The journal of the French National Association of Early Medico-Social Intervention Teams and Centers (ANECAMSP) focuses on topics related to children with disabilities. Read more...
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