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Historically speaking, Corps & Psychisme is a continuation of the journal Champ Psychosomatique (Champ Psy), which itself started as a continuation of the Revue de médecine psychosomatique et de psychologie médicale, a journal founded in 1958 by the psychiatrists Michel Sapir and Léon Chertok. The evolution of the journal has led us to rename it in order to position it as a meeting point for psychoanalysis, medicine, anthropology, and the arts. It is published from Bordeaux by Esprit du Temps.

The journal was one of the first to focus on the body not in terms of an exclusively psychosomatic dimension but also by connecting with and exploring contemporary issues, politics, art, philosophy, and scientific discoveries. Moreover, the journal has maintained a desire for a psychoanalytic framework open to new avenues, especially when such a framework appeared to question concepts that are now dated. It therefore has an interdisciplinary perspective and seeks to bring about renewal in scientific conceptions of the body in its various links to the humanities.

Questions of a clinical nature appear in each issue: one of our constant priorities is to explore these via both the humanities and different artistic expressions and literature. In this respect, we follow the path charted by Freud.

Corps & Psychisme is a peer-reviewed, thematically focused journal that is published on a semiannual basis. Each issue features approximately ten articles, as well as literature reviews, critiques of one or several artistic events, and on some occasions an article that is unrelated to the issue’s theme but that has caught the attention of the Editorial Committee.

Our publication has been part of the community of academic journals for many years. The publications that it presents are in an academic format.

This journal is available in print at bookstores (to order) and through a subscription via Esprit du Temps (see the insert in each issue), and the digital version is available through a subscription to Cairn (which allows the purchase of single articles).

Editorial Board

Journal Director: Annie Roux

Honorary Member: Marie-Claire Célérier

Editorial Board:

Marco Araneda, Jérôme Boutinaud, Marcela Gargiulo, Brigitte George, Simone Korff-Sausse, Lise Haddad, Gisèle Harrus-Révidi, Cristina Lindenmeyer, Gérard Reynier, Ouriel Rosemblum, Claire Squires.

Academic Committee:

– Birman J., Pr. at the Instituto de psicologia of the Universitade federal of Rio de Janeiro, assistant pr. of the Insituto de medecina social of the Universitade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro)

– Brun A., Professor of psychopathology and clinical psychology

– Cohen D., Professor of child psychiatry

– Consoli S., dermatologist, psychoanalyst and member of the Paris Psychoanalysis Society.

– Dejours C., Professor and chair of “psychoanalysis, health, and work” at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts; psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and member of the Psychoanalysis Association of France.

– Gampel Y., psychoanalyst, professor Emeritus

– Guarneri R., Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst

– Héritier F., Professor at the Collège de France

– Kaës R., Psychoanalyst, professor Emeritus of psychopathology, Université Lumière Lyon 2.

– Le Breton D., Professor of sociology, Université Marc Bloch of Strasbourg, Member of the UMR « Cultures et Sociétés en Europe »

– Neau F. , Professor, Institut de psychologie, Université Paris V

– Schneider M., Psychoanalyst, writer.

– Trémine T., Honorary hospital psychiatrist

Reading Committee:

Brasil Tarouquella K. (Br), Dejours R. (Fr), Demeule C. (Fr), Desprats-Péquignot C. (Fr), Dupuis C. (Fr), Edréi B. (Fr), Ferry S. (Fr), Gernet I. (Fr), Hamraoui E. (Fr), Ikiz T. (Turq.), Jacquot M. (Fr), Joly F. (Fr), Macedo P (Port.), Martens F. (Belg.), Pestureau S. (Fr), Pérétié R. (Fr), Petit A. (Fr), Pheulpin M.-C. (Fr), Ravit M. (Fr), Samacher R. (Fr), Scelles R. (Fr) , Tassel A. (Fr), Tessier H. (Can.), Thetio S. (Fr), Zerbib M. (Fr), Zingg M. (Fr), Zornig Sylvia (Br.).

Guidance for Authors

1. Authors should undertake to present an original article. The submitted article must be between 15,000 and 30,000 characters (including spaces). It should be sent in electronic format (as a Word or rtf file) to the following email address:

2. The front page of articles will feature the names, email addresses, professional positions, and institutional affiliations of the authors as well as an abstract and five key words.

3. Articles are published in French. They must be accompanied by:

1) an abstract in French and English of about 5 lines describing the purpose of the research and the problem posed, as well as the methodology/approach (whether the article is based on clinical cases, or if the authors are psychoanalysts, sociologists, or therapists). Some elements of the conclusion will also be included.

2) five key words in English and French. For the choice of key words, please refer to the following thesaurus: The editors reserve the right to change the key words.

3) a references list.

The references list should not exceed thirty lines and should appear at the end of the article. All authors cited in the article must be included in the references list.

– Quotations must be referenced in the body of the text and should cite the page. For example: (Freud, 1940, p. 45). Quotations must not exceed 8 lines without agreement between the author and the editor.

In the references list at the end of the article:

A reference for a book will include: the author’s last name, his or her first-name initials, the date of the first edition (if possible), the title of the book in italics, and the name of the publisher (for foreign works for which a French translation exists, provide references for the French edition).

4. The most recent works are to be prioritized among the references. At least five of the references must have been published no more than ten years ago and have appeared in journals indexed in PsycINFO.

5. Articles will be anonymously submitted to two reviewers who are external to the journal.


Mailing Address:

Corps & Psychisme
Annie Roux
1 boulevard du Montparnasse 75006 Paris

Email Address:

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Corps & Psychisme, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 2260-2100
Online ISSN : 2273-1571
Publisher : L’Esprit du temps

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