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The Present Situation of the Insurance Industry Worldwide

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Regulatory Changes

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Life Insurance

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Property and Liability Insurance

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Facing the Transformations of Risks, Techniques and Society

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Financial History Column

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The environment in which insurance companies operate has changed significantly over the last several years. In five sections, this issue offers readers a very comprehensive review of the shifts taking place within the insurance industry.

The first section introduces the situation of the market in France, the United States, and Europe, and the world-wide strategies of insurance companies. The question of the level of capital required by companies is taken up next, particularly as concerns the new regulatory requirements. The third and fourth sections are devoted to the specific challenges of the life insurance and casualty insurance branches. Finally, the fifth section deals with the consequences of the arrival of new risks, and of technological and societal shifts.

The review also includes a column on financial history devoted to analogies between setting reference interest rates in medieval Italy and today in the international monetary market. The issue concludes with two additional articles. The first deals with the danger of the trilemma for the international monetary system, and the second with the needed adaptation of financial analysis tools for universities with their new-found autonomy.

This journal aims to be an instrument of dialogue between academics, researchers and professionals in finance and banking. It aims to contribute to the discussion and reflection that are essential for the cohesion of the financial and banking professions. Read more...
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