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The Journal de l'École de Paris du management publishes a selection of articles from discussions regarding management in all forms of organisations (companies, administrations, associations, etc.). A practitioner who has carried out an outstanding project or a researcher who has some truly innovative ideas is invited to present his or her work. There is a rigorous question-and-answer session with the audience which may include business managers, civil servants, members of associations, faculty and researchers. The diversity of the audience encourages a wide variety of questions and a very thorough examination of the subject presented. This original work method, which has been patiently developed by the École over the past twenty years, is in response to important problems associated with management research, such as the difficulty of having access in the field in order to make detailed observations, and the divide between the theoretical and practical worlds. The Journal de l'École de Paris is read attentively in both these sectors and has even become a means of communication between areas which otherwise have little contact. It is also a vehicle for innovation in management methods and tools. It is widely known that management innovations often emerge from practical situations, and the École de Paris identifies them, debates them and helps formalise them.

Editorial Board

The editorial board is made up of people in charge of various seminars who select speakers to present their work. It includes:

Michel Berry (research director at the CNRS; director of the École de Paris), Caroline Elisséeff (editor-in-chief of the Journal de l'École de Paris), Dominique Jacquet (professor at Paris-Ouest Nanterre), Christophe Midler (research director at the CNRS), Thomas Paris (research fellow at the CNRS) and Thierry Weil (professor at Mines-Paristech; executive director of the Fabrique de l'industrie).

Instructions to Authors

It is not possible to submit articles directly, but one can make a request to present one’s work in one of the seminars at the École de Paris. Please contact Michel Berry (


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Le journal de l'école de Paris du management, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 1253-2711
Online ISSN : 2118-4585
Publisher : L'association des amis de l'École de Paris

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