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The principle of fair price has been a cornerstone of fair trade (FT) since its origins. In the literature, this question is generally studied from the perspective of producers, via the researcher’s point of view: Are the producers properly paid for their work? This article, which is based on interviews with French consumers, explores price fairness from the consumers’ point of view: is the price paid for FT products considered fair? Based on the theory of fairness, we observe that individuals, in their perception of fairness related to price, do not rely on a comparative mechanism. They often adopt a discourse based on the principles of distributive justice according to Aristotle, with an emphasis on the price and margin distribution in the FT product chains. In this context, the perception of fairness related to price is conditioned by the confidence placed in the organizations operating in these chains.

  • confidence
  • consumer perception
  • fair price
  • fair trade products
  • theory of fairness
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