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Associative brokerage development in the Drâa-Tafilalet region of South-Eastern Morocco emerged in the early 1990s in the context of cooperative development projects. Serving as intermediaries between the beneficiaries and development institutions, activists chose different manners to distance themselves from their leftist political and ideological affiliations. While one faction partially abandoned their dispositions towards radical militancy within the established order, another chose to implement some of them in their management of projects. For these predominantly male, forty-year-old figures, the dispositions acquired both within and outside of the processional space of the National Education have shaped the representations and practices of development brokerage. Mediating through either adapting from a militant past or seizing opportunities presented through projects, their careers have been strengthened and their transition into other universes of socialization and other associative professions facilitated.

  • association
  • socialisation
  • militantisme
  • courtiers
  • enseignant
  • Sud-Est du Maroc
Mohammed Benidir
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