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In Indonesia, despite two decades of burgeoning democracy, the weight of oligarchies remains predominant in political life. Their perpetuation has been, in part, due to mediators who have been able to convert different types of resources through a multifaceted discursive, idealogical and practical repertoire and a dense network of interpersonal relationships. I focus on Alip, a political mediator whose trajectory has been punctuated by a succession of statuses in the tourism, development and philanthropy sectors, and in various religious, political and economic settings. To convert resources of action and legitimacy, Alip took advantage of new political spaces offered by Indonesian democratization and decentralization. Playing with multiple and embedded repertoires of norms, he has simultaneously combined a high level of mobility between interstitial socio-political spaces that he has helped to create and, while aiming to accumulate resources, has stabilized access to them.

  • Indonésie
  • médiation politique
  • islamisme
  • morale et éthique
  • crispations normatives et pratiques innovantes
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