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Globalized mediators

Economic, political and identity issues

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Research and Debate

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Anthropologies at present

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Visual Anthropology

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Echoes from here and elsewhere

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Digital supplement

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The “climate crisis” permeates our societies everyday life and erases their historical and cultural paths through the ineluctability of a future presented as global and catastrophic. In this context, anthropology is called upon to enhance this debate through an ethnographic, critical, micro-scale dimension. Departing from the notion of “socionatures”, this volume questions the global climate crisis’ paradigm in order to decipher the “unthinkable” patterns of a political analysis which the hegemonic discourses make invisible. From struggles against extractivism to a new centrality granted to non-human actors, from socionatures’ co-productions to pedagogic experiences, this issue proposes some paths for a repoliticization of climatic and environmental crises by looking at various forms of ecological resistance.
This journal was founded in 1980 by the French Association of Anthropologists (AFA) with the goal to promote this discipline and, specifically, all that it brings to the social, political and ideological's understanding of contemporaneous societies. Read more...
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