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Opening fields of study, integrating new perspectives, shifting analyses for a critical anthropology of the present

Published both in print and on line, the Journal des Anthropologues, formerly the Bulletin de l'Association Française des Anthropologues, is published by the French Association of Anthropologists (AFA). It was founded in 1980 with the goal to promote this discipline and, specifically, all that it brings to the social, political and ideological's understanding of contemporaneous societies.

The Journal defends a comparatist perspective, open to the field analyses of related disciplines (sociology, psychoanalysis, political science, economics, etc.) and to the social analyses of alternative expressions (performing arts, images, etc.).

The different thematic dossiers and their respective calls for papers innovative research fields opening up new perspectives for the discipline alongside reflections about its progress. The sections “Research and Debate” ; “Anthropologies at present”; “Visual Anthropology”; “Echoes from here and elsewhere”; “Public Anthropology” are mostly devoted to methodological and epistemological considerations as well to evolutions in fieldwork and other procedures of exercising anthropology.

The AFA’s Journal des Anthropologues is supported by the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Foundation, le Centre National du Livre, le CNRS and French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Editorial committee

The Journal is published by the editorial committee with assistance from an international scientific committee.
Publication director: Catherine DESCHAMPS
Editor: Laurent Sébastien FOURNIER
“Research and Debate” section editors: Annie BENVENISTE – Nicole KHOURI – Monique SELIM

“Anthropologies at present” section editors: David PUAUD Marie REBEYROLLE
“Visual Anthropology" section editors: Sophie ACCOLAS – Nadine WANONO-GAUTHIER
“Echoes from here and elsewhere” section editors: Émir MAHIEDDIN – Estelle MIRAMOND – Vincent RUBIO “Public Anthropology” section editors: Kassia ALEKSIC- Francesco STARO

Editorial committee:

Pascale ABSI, Sophie ACCOLAS, Kassia ALEKSIC, Marion AUBREE, Armand AUPIAIS, Laurent BAZIN, Annie BENVENISTE, Patience BILIGHA TOLANE, Marie BONNET, Françoise BOURDARIAS, Etienne BOUREL, Barbara CASCIARRI, Mathieu CAULIER, Anna CORREA GENDRON, Ryzlène DAHHAN, Daniel DELANOË, Catherine DESCHAMPS, Laurent-Sébastien FOURNIER, Laurent GAISSAD, Alexandra GALITZINE-LOUMPET, Emmanuel GALLAND, Lucille GALLARDO, Guislaine GALLENGA, Sophie GRAVEREAU, Ana GENDRON, Robert GIBB, Mélanie GOURARIER, Wenjing GUO, Judith HAYEM, Valeria HERNANDEZ, Annalisa IORIO, Agnès JEANJEAN, Fatiha KAOUES, Nicole KHOURI, Yves LACASCADE, Delphine LACOMBE, Maya LECLERCQ, Emir MAHIEDDIN, Estelle MIRAMOND, Louis MOREAU de BELLAING, Barbara MOROVICH, Julie PEGHINI, Ariel PLANEIX, David PUAUD, Catherine QUIMINAL, Gilles RAVENEAU, Marie REBEYROLLE, Vincent RUBIO, Monique SELIM, Francesco STARO, Charles-Édouard de SUREMAIN, Sophie TABOIS, Priscille TOURAILLE, Didier VIDAL, Nadine WANONO-GAUTHIER

Scientific Committee

Ali AMAHAN, Marc AUGÉ, Georges BALANDIER (1920-2016), John BOWEN, Jean COPANS, Robert CRESSWELL (1922-2016), Christine DELPHY, Simone DREYFUS-GAMELON, Jeanne FAVRET-SAADA, Jean-Claude GALEY, Maurice GODELIER, Marie Elisabeth HANDMAN, Keith HART, Françoise HÉRITIER (1933-2017), Luc de HEUSCH (1927-2012), Mondher KILANI, Adam KUPER, Mohamed MEBTOUL, Paul Nchoji NKWI, Marc-Henri PIAULT (1933-2020), Gustavo Lins RIBEIRO, Ana Maria RIVAS, Susan C. ROGERS, Michael SINGLETON, Paola TABET, Emmanuel TERRAY

Guidelines for Authors

Papers are published in French and English after an assessment process.

For each issue, the “dossier” brings together a set of unpublished articles organized around a theme developed in a call for papers

Items must not exceed 40,000 characters (spaces, title, keywords, abstracts in English and French included). They may include images (to be defined with Release Managers).
They are to be sent to the member coordinator team and copied to the following address:

Read guidelines for authors here


Association Française des Anthropologues
Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme
18/20 rue Robert Schuman

Email address:
Journal website:

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Journal des anthropologues, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 1156-0428
Online ISSN : 2114-2203
Publisher : Association Française des Anthropologues

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