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Faced with their fathers’ social decay, three teenagers placed in institutions were set on preserving something of their Ideal of the ego. Each in his own way strived to praise a fine feature of his humiliated father so as to render bearable his own contemptible status. The deployment of their psychotherapies involves displays of anguish in a trembling pubertal body, asphyxia in another, while the third suffers from nausea. Love blends in and their fantasies seek ways to support the beautiful so as to abstain from the desire of the father. Confused family ties, plus parental flaws and declining authority present these young subjects with pitfalls to be overcome through the spoken word that leads to the humanisation of desire and the ability to create their own liveable social ties.


  • generational entanglement
  • anguish
  • father
  • beauty
Luminitza Claudepierre Tigirlas
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