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Progress in parity between father and mother when it comes to child custody leads to bringing larger numbers of step-mothers in to play a more significant role. Where joint parenthood is sustained after the separation this requires them not to stand in for the mother (which was precisely what was asked of them in former times). However, a large number of surveys show that step-mothers are still more in charge of the home and the children than the fathers. This thankless role is generally accompanied by a poorly paid professional career and financial dependence on the father. The mother too finds herself in an analogous situation, relying on an allowance, especially when the children live with her. Such effects of female social roles explain the difficulties encountered in the relations between step-mothers and their step-children that are often tenser than those with step-fathers.


  • Reconstitution
  • couple
  • joint parenthood
  • step-mother
  • parity
  • alternating residence
Sylvie Cadolle
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