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"Refocusing conjugality on the bond of love has made the couple all the more fragile in so far as the child can be felt to represent a rival ; and the regulation of tensions through dialogue encounters an obstacle in the desire to mask ambivalent or hostile sentiments so as to preserve both the Narcissistic reassurance function of the couple and its fusional dimension. This inevitably runs the risk of what is repressed returning to break into the way the family actually functions, undermining the way it works when the other fails to satisfy an excessive demand for personal reassurance. The frustrated spouse will then be tempted to seek support in their personal realisation from the child. Within such a context of social advancement of an exacerbated form of emotional individualism, resorting to a third party to redress matters sometimes proves to be essential as a way of getting out of the spiral leading to ultra-modern solitude – that of the neoliberalism of sentiments."


  • Family
  • couple
  • parenthood
  • ambivalence
  • ideal
  • norm
  • mutation
  • attachment
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