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This article is devoted to theoretical reflection on the ever-greater role taken by digital technology in the workings of conjugal life, especially when enter-ing and quitting conjugality. It proposes an analysis that seeks to articulate a sociological approach of more historical or clinical elements to account for the way in which present-day hyperconnectivity also contributes both to the profusion of encounters and to their becoming more fragile. The paradox of this new hypermodern dynamic of conjugality is that the call on digital technology, far from being truly innovative, tends rather to exacerbate the social rationale behind traditional conjugality (homogamy, gender differences, etc.). However, by weakening the conjugal bond, it undermines the principle of the couple’s sustainability and leads to a sexual and emotional currency that affects individuals differently according to their identity (age, gender and back-ground) and personal characteristics. Here, as in other areas, we have entered an era of uncertainty compounded by the new media.


  • Media
  • couple
  • digital
  • modernity
  • individual
  • uncertainty
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