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The following paper analyzes, from a critical viewpoint, the growing influence of queer and transgender discourses (improperly labelled “LGBT”) that deal with the artificial human reproduction. It holds that beyond the fight for new rights and the search for the destruction of patriarchy and conventional family, those leftists who try to link anticapitalist views to the industrial production of children express, most of all, their hatred of nature and the dread of being born (instead of designed). Nevertheless, choosing technological solutions contrived in laboratories instead of symbolic ways (such as adoption), they strangely drift towards sociobiology and eugenics, the theoretical offshoots of science in modern industrial times. Finally, the whole picture illustrates one of the eccentricities of our time: the fact that those who, in line with Peter Kropotkin or Élisée Reclus, stand up for nature and human nature against the destructive dynamics of technological capitalism (which now seeks to industrialize the very origins of life) are said to be right-wingers allies.

  • Gender norms
  • transfeminism
  • queer
  • technological capitalism
  • family
  • sociobiology
  • surrogacy
  • critical naturalism
  • birth
  • Judith Butler
  • Sophie Lewis
  • Preciado
  • Kropotkin
  • Michel Henry
Renaud Garcia
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