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French pension system reforms since 2010 have changed many parameters, including age thresholds, duration of career required for full pension eligibility, how pensions are calculated (rules of supplementary regimes, inflation-adjustment dates, eligibility for the minimum pension), and contribution rates. At the same time, the profile of the population has changed over generations. Among other things, young people enter the labour market at a higher age, and women’s participation rate has increased. In this context, we examine the impact of recent regulatory changes on the inter- and intra-generational equity of the French pension system. We use the TRAJECTOiRE microsimulation model of DREES (Directorate for Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics). The analysis shows mixed results: some indicators show that equity between the generations is promoted (e.g., retirement duration), while other indicators (contribution rates and replacement rate) point to greater intergenerational inequity.


  • inter- and intra-generational inequalities
  • redistribution
  • pension reforms
Cindy Duc
Henri Martin
Julie Treguier
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