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Empan was born out of the combined efforts of education, social, and health workers who believe that the written word is both a fundamental witness to the present and an invitation to the past. Social changes are at work. Social workers, both citizens and professionals, must give themselves the means to reflect on the movements within society that profoundly alter their field of public, associative, and private action and the care for socially, educationally, and psychically deprived children, adolescents, and adults.

The ARSEAA (Association régionale pour la sauvegarde de l’enfant, de l’adolescent, et de l’adulte [Regional Association of Child, Adolescent, and Adult Protection], association loi 1901) provides the institutional support for Empan. The goal of this charitable organization is to provide access to and perspective on everyday clinical, administrative, and policy interventions.

Through its choice of topics, Empan seeks to challenge and drive the future of social work.

Editorial Board

Journal Director

  • Stéphane Pareil

Editor in Chief

  • Rémy Puyuelo

Editorial Committee

  • Jean-Pierre Albert
  • Jean-Charles Basson
  • Sindy Boulanger
  • Julien Boutonnier
  • Philippe Gaberan
  • Serge Garcia
  • Lin Grimaud
  • Catherine John
  • Alain Jouve
  • Guy Mérens
  • Colette Milon-Aguttes
  • Laurent Morlhon
  • Martine Pagès
  • Blandine Ponet
  • Bruno Ranchin
  • Michel Ruel
  • Paule Sanchou
  • Chantal Zaouche Gaudron

Reference Librarian

  • Valérie Cambournac

Editorial Secretary

  • Anne Pouliquen

Former members

  • Maurice Capul (†)
  • Marcel Drulhe
  • Pierre Roques


  • France
    • Geneviève Bergonnier-Dupuy
  • Belgium
    • Jean Huet
  • Canada
    • Annie Devault
    • Carl Lacharité
    • Michel Lemay
  • Morocco
    • Annie Devault
    • Carl Lacharité
    • Isabelle Furno

Instructions to Authors

Any correspondence or any manuscript is to be sent to the Editorial Committee, Revue Empan, ARSEEA, Institut Saint Simon, avenue du Général De Croutte, 31300 Toulouse, France. Email:

Recommendations for the authors

The typed manuscripts are to be sent, in French, in paper version and in electronic version, in Word format.
It is requested that they do not exceed 20/22,000 characters (spaces and notes included).
The title must be short and precise.
Notes and bibliographical references should appear at the end of the article and should be alphabetized and presented according to international rules.
The text should end with the name, the occupation, and the professional address of one or several authors. The article must be accompanied by a summary of around 600 characters and by four or five keywords.
Articles should not have been pre-published, in whole or in part, unless agreed to by the Editorial Board and the Editor.
Articles will be submitted to the editorial committee for reading before acceptance. Although some variations cannot be ruled out, the editorial committee will respond to the authors within three months.
The authors are solely responsible for the contents of their article.
In particular, they undertake not to plagiarize another author and to indicate in quotation marks any repetitions of works, within the limits of copyright law.


Mailing Address:

Secrétariat de rédaction Empan

Pôle Institut St Simon

Avenue du Général De Croutte



Email address:

Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Empan, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 1152-3336
Online ISSN : 1776-2812
Publisher : ERES

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