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This interview with Alexandre Jeanney, coordinator of French Assurtech, focuses on the insurance world in general and French mutual actors (in Niort, Nouvelle-Aquitaine) in particular. These mutual actors are aware of the organizational changes they will have to face when it comes to the digitization of the economy. Indirectly, the entire value chain of the insurance world will be impacted. Several questions arise regarding the ability of these actors to update their socio-economic model in order to integrate the new insurance issues: flexibility, interactivity, efficiency, and so on. French Assurtech unites French mutual actors (Groupama Centre-Atlantique, Inter Mutuelles Assistance, MAAF, Covéa Group, MAIF, MACIF, P & V Group, Mutuelle de Poitiers Assurances, SMACL, the Niortais Urban Community, and the MEDEF of Deux-Sèvres). How can they cooperate with one another again? How should they cope with these organizational changes? Will the societal values that they seek to embody even more today be enough? Alexandre Jeanney describes with pragmatism the structural elements in the constitution of French Assurtech, with the evolving risks and opportunities that legitimately result from them.

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