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All anti-Modern?

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Can we still be Modern when facing climate change? Nowadays, it seems that we should reflect more on Modernity’s “achievements”, which threaten the planet, than on its unkept promises. But the issue, edited by Michaël Fœssel, asks: are we condemned to be all anti-Modern because Modernity explains the crisis of the present? Also read in this issue: Democracy in the Russian mirror; Diplomatic profession in danger; Energetic solidarity tested by the winter; Genocide in Tigray; A sacrifice in Itaewon; Annie Ernaux, literature from below.
Founded by Emmanuel Mounier in 1932, this journal orients its readers in contemporary debates and investigates our democratic form of life. A people’s university, it drives a collective of authors to make sense of our global modernity. The journal is independent, cosmopolitan and committed to justice. Read more...
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