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Special Report. Informational Practices: Questions on Models and Methods

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For several years, the analysis of “informational practices” has aroused growing interest among researchers in the field of information and communication science and in other disciplines as well. Studies have been essentially empirical and deal with well-defined fields, primarily the sphere of education, information professionals, and at times the professional situations. However, overarching the variety of fields are methodological, theoretical, and epistemological questions. One can, in fact, question the meaning of results, on the observation and data collection methodologies, and the pertinence of data models in which these studies are conducted. The journal’s next thematic issue will be devoted to this question and will expand the fields of study normally explored in other less well-known fields and will highlight reflections on theoretical and methodological aspects of “informational practices.”
This journal welcomes original empirical, theoretical and epistemological contributions on all aspects of information and communication science: media and new media studies, analysis of different forms and types of communication and mediation, analysis of cultural industries, and research on knowledge organization, digital culture, and information practices. Read more...
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