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Anthropology of Knowledge

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Among the many research objects in Information Science and Communication Studies which borrow analytical models from the discipline of Anthropology, the question of knowledge has emerged as a significant area of study over the past ten years. Anthropological inquiry leads us to a pragmatics of knowledge, that is to say, a consideration of how knowledge is constructed, as the product of practical competencies [savoir-faire] and of intellectual operations. Such an approach seeks to understand knowledge as it is historically situated, as it is embodied within contexts, spaces, institutions, and materialized through physical inscriptions which are communicated to others. How does knowledge circulate, how is it conveyed and shared, especially in the context of digital technology and digital communication, which create new relationships to time and space? This issue of Etudes de communication seeks to investigate the ways in which current research in Information Science and Communication Studies considers this dynamic aspect of knowledge, as it is situated at the juncture between the individual and the social, the structured and the informal.
This journal welcomes original empirical, theoretical and epistemological contributions on all aspects of information and communication science: media and new media studies, analysis of different forms and types of communication and mediation, analysis of cultural industries, and research on knowledge organization, digital culture, and information practices. Read more...
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