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This article examines the use of training in the light of the risk of “occupational deintegration,” meaning, for workers, the risk of compromising their job retention for reasons of health or disability. On the one hand, the aim is to better characterize this risk, and to document the socio-professional profile of the employees concerned, their employment environment, and their working conditions. On the other hand, the aim is to question the perception and place of vocational training in order to know if it is seen as a means of securing so-called “at-risk” career paths. To do this, the analysis is based on data from Céreq’s “DEFIS” employee training surveys (2015 and 2019). It is also based on repeated interviews with employees dismissed for professional inaptitude who had an employment orientation training package and obtained administrative recognition of their disability.

  • access to CVT
  • employment scheme
  • working condition
  • occupational health
  • worker with a disability
  • non-take-up
  • occupational retraining
Manuella Roupnel-Fuentes
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