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For four years after the fourth year of secondary school, a longitudinal survey using recurrent interviews followed secondary school students who hoped to work toward a CAP (professional aptitude certificate) through an apprenticeship. This article is based on the long-term portraits of eleven of them, who obtained their certification via this route: How do the recognition methods they perceived during their apprenticeship and that they express influence their qualification, as a capacity endorsed by employers to “hold a job”? This article proposes to interpret the variability of the destinies of these eleven young people and to discuss their degree of qualification (proven, uncertain, or denied) based on the social support and forms of (non)recognition to which these apprentices were subjected during their dual-education course.

  • apprenticeship
  • transition from school to work
  • perception of work
  • professional socialization
  • professional aptitude certificate
  • longitudinal survey
Marie-Hélène Jacques
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