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Futuribles is a bimonthly independent transdisciplinary policy oriented journal (6 issues a year), also available in electronic form on the Futuribles website. Its objective is to provide its readers with a better understanding of contemporary societies dynamics, those facts, ideas and trends shaping their medium and long term possible futures.

Most of the articles published in the journal Futuribles are in French. Selected Futuribles articles are available in Portuguese and in Spanish:

Futuribles International is a centre for foresight thinking and studies which aims to effectively integrate a sense of the long-term into decision-making and action. Since 1960, Futuribles has played a leading role in the development of foresight studies in France and throughout the world. For more details, see

Editorial Board

Publication director: François de Jouvenel

Chief Editor: Hugues de Jouvenel

Associate editor: Stéphanie Debruyne: journalist

Editorial secretary: Corinne Roëls

Editorial committee:
Sébastien Abis, Jean-Pierre Bellier, Julie Bouchard, Jean-Yves Boulin, Gilbert Cette, Anne Charreyron-Perchet, Pierre-Yves Cusset, Julien Damon, Elvire Fabry, Charles du Granrut, Jean Haëntjens, Bruno Hérault, Marthe de La Taille-Rivero, Céline Laisney, Alain Michel, Pierre Papon, Alain Parant, André-Yves Portnoff, Jacques Theys.

Scientific committee:
Pierre Bonnaure, Julie Bouchard, Dominique Bourg, Alain Dupas, Jean-François Drevet, Jean-Pierre Dupuy, Hubert Landier, Corinne Lepage, Jacques Lesourne, Eleonora Masini, Joël de Rosnay, Alioune Sall, Hedva Sarfati, Jacques Testart.

Instructions for authors


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Futuribles, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0337-307X
Online ISSN : 1958-5764
Publisher : Futuribles

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