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The 2013 law on the generational contract has made the generation a new term in public policy. Why and how to build a new approach to generations in employment and at work within a company or organization? By its outlines, its content, and the agreements or action plans resulting from the encouragement to negotiate, the contract between generations carries an age-focused conception of generation, which is far too limited and of little relevance. The works of K. Mannheim allow a local approach to the generations “of” the company. Two examples of labor demographics and real work situations are then mobilized to produce more detailed analyses of local demographic features, pathways, and groups of workers. The objective is to (re)build an analysis by genera4tions which creates categories relevant to the context of the company, categories which are not frozen by a priori fixed thresholds and which take into account real work and individual pathways.


  • labour demographics
  • age
  • generation
  • work collective
  • pathway
  • transmission
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