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Extensively discussed for three decades in the field of aging, the concept of déprise has shed light on many aspects of aging. However, the way in which innovative biomedical devices are involved in the reshaping of the experience of older patients has seldom been explored. How does biomedicine contribute to shaping the experience of déprise in some older individuals today? In this article, we shed light on a phenomenon we call “biomedical déprise”, drawing on the study of the experience of older patients invited to participate in cancer clinical trials. The analysis of the interviews we conducted with 25 patients shows, first of all, that participants in a clinical trial are pulled between wanting to stay in the fight against the disease and wanting to in touch with everyday social life. The work carried out by these older patients points to participation in research being an “opportunity for commitment”. For oneself, for others or for the advancement of science, this opportunity is embedded in the social attachments of patients to their formal and informal caregivers and kin.

  • déprise
  • cancer
  • biomedicine
  • experience
  • involvement
Meoïn Hagège
Benjamin Derbez
This is the latest publication of the author on cairn.
This is the latest publication of the author on cairn.
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