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The first issue of Revue d’Histoire de la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale was published by Presses Universitaires de France (PUF) in November 1950. Supported by the Comité d'histoire de la Guerre, the Société d'histoire de la Guerre, and the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), it appeared every quarter under editor-in-chief Prof. Henri Michel. It appeared under this name until issue no. 144, publishing research work on the origins of the conflict, policies, strategies, and battles of the warring nations. Studies and testimonies poured in from many countries.

In 1987 (no. 145), the journal expanded its field of research to include the periods leading up to and following the Second World War, thereby affirming its international scope. The new scientific journal, renamed Guerres Mondiales et Conflits Contemporains, covers all twentieth century conflicts and is recognized by the French Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education. Each issue (approximately 160 pages) includes a thematic collection, followed by individual articles, invaluable testimonies, literature reviews, and conference proceedings. Thematic issues may focus on how a country or group of countries reacted to twentieth century wars. Most recent titles include: Korea (no. 239), Belgium (no. 241), Italy (no. 245), the Indian Ocean (no. 246), Africa (no. 248), and Japan (no. 249). Some issues touch upon diachronic topics such as the French Foreign Legion (no. 237), while others focus on new research (Resistance, no. 242) or current issues (Gulf War, no. 244). The World War I centenary will be the subject of several thematic issues such as “Sports during World War I” (no. 251).

This quarterly journal is still published and distributed by PUF under the direction of Chantal Metzger (Professor at the University of Lorraine).

Full text issues of Guerres Mondiales et Conflits Contemporains from 2001 onwards are accessible on CAIRN ( Back issues are available on Jstor:

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The French journal Guerres Mondiales et Conflits Contemporains places great emphasis on collaboration with scholars from all over the world. This academic journal is intended for historians, political scientists, economists, students and teachers, journalists, and policy-makers, as well as members of the general public who are interested in twentieth century conflicts.

Publication ethics and publication malpractice statement

All PUF journals follow policies and practices that reflect the current best principles of transparency and integrity (COPE).

Core paractives are available here :

Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Chantal Metzger

Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Francoise Bouron

Assistant Editor-in-Chief: Murielle Avice-Hanoun

High Committee

Jean-Jacques Becker, Georges Castellan, Jean-Louis Crémieux-Brilhac, Général Gilbert Foray, Maurizio Serra

Scientific Committee

Chantal Antier, Serge Barcellini, Jacques Bariéty, Michel Bodin, Claude Carlier, Michel Catala, Sylvain Champonnois, Frédéric Guelton, Jean-Charles Jauffret, Laurent Joly Francis Latour, Chantal Metzger, Michel Ostenc, Nicole Piétri, Georges-Henri Soutou, Jérôme de Lespinois; Jacques Thobie, Stéphane Tison, Jacques Valette, Marianne Walle, Françoise Bouron, Murielle Avice-Hanoun, Frédéric Le Moal

Foreign Correspondents

Walid Arbid (Lebanon),Bruna Bagnato (Italy) Limoré Yagil (Israël), David W. Pike (Spain), Miho Matsunuma (Japan) Yannis Mourelos (Greece), Evgenia Obitchkina (Russia) Samir Saul (Canada), Alberto Santoni (Italy), Leonard V. Smith (USA), Bernd Wegner (Germany).

Instructions to Authors

Articles submitted to the journal should not exceed 60,000 characters (including footnotes). They should be accompanied by abstracts in both English and French. Each abstract should contain 500 characters maximum, excluding the title of the article. The detailed editorial guidelines are available here.

Articles should be submitted as a Word file attachment to Editor-in-Chief Chantal Metzger at the following address:


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Guerres mondiales et conflits contemporains , is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0984-2292
Online ISSN : 2101-0137
Publisher : P.U.F.

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