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In order to investigate the different forms of appropriation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) during the political and social movements in Tunisia, we opted for an approach from the communicational angle, using an interdisciplinary methodology based on a field survey on the use of digital media during the Tunisian revolution in 2011. It would be difficult, in our view, to see ICTs as the sole driver of accelerated political transition in Tunisia and the sole means whereby the public sphere in Tunisia was encouraged to develop beyond its cultural roots. This study has produced numerous findings: firstly, the capacity of activists for using ICTs did indeed play a key part in the mobilization of the population, even though the revolution actually obeyed the logic of social, economic and cultural dynamics whose roots long predated their emergence. Secondly, it seems that a new media sphere is indeed emerging in Tunisia, with a structure formed by the development of the internet, social networks, transnational media, satellite channels and mobile telephones. This new media sphere is making an important contribution to the emergence of the public sphere in Tunisia.


  • ICT
  • Internet
  • media
  • politics
  • cyber-militancy
  • public sphere
Khaled Zouari
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