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Trust has a central place in the military, particularly in its exercise of command (Leboyer, 2013). The armed forces have a “common sense of culture, values, and symbolism, and these form a whole that, constructed over the course of a long and rich history, provides a solid basis for trust” (Lezon, 2017). This trust is inseparable from command. The digitization of the battlefield and the use of digital platforms have changed how command is exercised (CEIS, 2015) and have had an impact on decision making, on individuals, and on commands. The results of our qualitative field study of 37 officers on the French army’s general staff show that trust in military officers is communicated by leading by example; it is constructed in dedicated discursive spaces; it is given to those who are trustworthy and accept the attendant communicational responsibilities. In their practices of managerial communication, military leaders generally dispense with digital platforms in order to enter into a relationship with the “other” and to build a network of trust with their subordinates.

  • trust
  • managerial communication
  • digital transformation
  • officer
  • general staff
  • military leader
  • dedicated discursive spaces
  • relationships
  • responsibility
Mary Baudu-Peter
Anna Lezon Rivière
This is the latest publication of the author on cairn.
This is the latest publication of the author on cairn.
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