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Since 1988, Hermès has been devoted to the study of the field of communication. Founded and directed by Dominique Wolton, it publishes three issues a year. Two book collections (“Les Essentiels d’Hermès” and “CNRS Communication”) complement the journal. All three collections are published by CNRS Éditions.

Communication is a value and an aspiration, but it is also an industry, a flourishing market, an ideology. In other words, it is a complex and polysemic phenomenon that requires critical and interpretative analysis. The challenge for Hermès since its creation has therefore been to study, using an interdisciplinary approach, the relationships that communication has with individuals, technology, cultures, and societies.

Wishing to remain accessible to a wide audience, the journal avoids technological fantasies, the comfort of determinist theories, and confining itself to single disciplines. Topics as varied as political communication, the role of digital technology in schools, sexualities, video games, scientific information, translation, and rituals have already been explored.

A third of the journal’s board members come from outside of France. Issues relating to cultural diversity are at the heart of the journal’s research, particularly in recent years, with issues devoted to the BRICS countries, the Romance languages, European uncommunication, the societies of the Pacific world, and so on.

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Editorial Board

Editorial office 2017: Camille Alloing, Olivier Arifon (Belgium), Jean-Michel Besnier, Axel Boursier, Andrea Catellani (Belgium), Brigitte Chapelain, Nicole D’Almeida, David Douyère, Damien Ehrhardt, Anne-Marie Laulan, Benoît Le Blanc, Éric Letonturier, Vincent Liquète, Arnaud Mercier, Vincent Meslet, Brigitte Munier, Joanna Nowicki, Michaël Oustinoff, Thierry Paquot, Luciana Radut-Gaghi, Franck Renucci, Gilles Rouet, and Laurent Sabbah.

Editorial board 2017: Romain Badouard, Arnaud Benedetti, Félix Nicodème Bikoi (Cameroon), Olivier Breton, Peter Brown (Australia), Jean Caune, Anne-Marie Chartier, Alexandre Coutant (Canada), Éric Dacheux, Pascal Dayez-Burgeon, Michel Durampart, Tom Dwyer (Brazil), Joëlle Farchy, Pierre Fastrez (Belgium), François Heinderyckx (Belgium), Alexandre Joux, Thierry Libaert, Chang Liu (China), Juremir Machado da Silva (Brazil), Stéphane Martin, Cécile Méadel, Nicolas Moinet, Joseph Moukarzel (Lebanon), Jérémie Nicey, Jacques Perriault, Paul Rasse, Jean-Marc Réol, Pascal Robert, Éric Sautedé (Hong Kong), Valérie Schafer, Dominique Scheffel-Dunand (Canada), Monique Veaute (Italy), Hedwig Wagner (Germany), Christoph Wulf (Germany).

Editorial secretary: Marie Greget


Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics applicable to drafting committees and editorial boards of academic journals offered on, including Hermès, La Revue, is available on this page.

Other information

Print ISSN : 0767-9513
Online ISSN : 1963-1006
Publisher : C.N.R.S. Editions

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