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If the historical representation of Brittany as a conservative region was as much a reality as a simplifying representation, the same is true today with the image of a Macronian region. There is an obvious empirical reality here, as evidenced by the electoral results when compared to the whole of France. But it is appropriate to simultaneously report on all the indicators likely to relativize this apparent power of Macronism (exclusion from local power, declining resultats in 2022 with a rebound of the left) and to pay attention to other types of political reconfigurations such as the surge of the Rassemblement national, as real as it has gone relatively unnoticed. The conclusions are contingent on the comparative point of view adopted, depending on whether the Breton political balance of power is related to the rest of France (synchronic comparison) or to the Breton evolution (diachronic comparison).

Thomas Frinault
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