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From August 1815 to November 1820, the Commission of Public Instruction, chaired by Royer-Collard, centralized the powers formerly granted to the Imperial University’s Grandmaster. Despite strong pressure from the ultras who wished to break it up, this Commission, placed under the authority of the Minister of the Interior, worked in the frame of the academic organization established in 1808. Supported in the field by the general inspectors during their annual tours, represented by the rectors and inspectors of the academies (regional education authorities), the Commission strived to stimulate schooling and promote teacher professionalization. It firmly defended university monopoly and allowed the State to participate fully in the orientation of teaching, when confronted with the Church. As such, it initiated the creation of a Ministry of Public Instruction in 1824.

  • Commission of Public Instruction
  • Imperial University
  • Royal University of France
  • educational policy
  • France
  • 19th century (before 1850)
René Grevet
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