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‪This paper is, above all, an overview of available sources relating to the education of Louis-Philippe d'Orléans and his siblings under the tutelage of Mme de Genlis, who was appointed 'gouverneur' to the princes in January 1782. The largest - and still unexploited - collection is held in the Belgian National Archives in Brussels, following the purchase of the archives inherited from the Duke of Nemours, the second son of Louis-Philippe. It contains education diaries from 1782 to 1792. If the Chevalier de Bonnard’s diary is added to this collection, we now have a day-to-day record of the princes' lives over 14 years. Following this analysis, we present a set of possible avenues for research suggested by this important collection, which may shed new light on the history of princely education in the late 18th century. The education plan followed by Mme de Genlis was an in vivo trial of the programme she had outlined in Adèle et Théodore, a fictional story published in 1782.‪

  • pedagogy
  • princely éducation
  • Louis-Philippe
  • Genlis (Mme de)
  • education plans
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