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War and Statistics

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The History of Measurement

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The Measure of History

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Objects of censure or propaganda, numbers are used by politicians during and in the aftermath of conflicts. Studying them contributes not only to the histories of statistics, economics, but also to understanding the effect of war on behavior and the environment. By studying the influence of war, liberation, or postwar debates, the historian enriches and enlarges the history of statistics and contributes to our knowledge of war itself. It appears that the imperatives of mobilization which characterize the full-fledged wars of the 20th century have strongly influenced the intensification and rationalization of state statistical endeavors. However, the postwar period is often the time when archives are closed and numbers are either censored or foregrounded depending on whether they suit the needs of the victors. Using very diverse methodologies, the papers in this issue revisit statistics produced during or immediately after wars and propose new, positive understandings.
This journal publishes articles that go beyond divisions of discipline and chronology to focus on history and measurement. Through mutual consideration of sources and methods, contributions and limitations, and the history of our statistical tools, the journal actively contributes to the progress of historical research. Read more...
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