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Part 1: The Impact of Crises on Social Matters

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Part 2: Political Responses to the Economic Crisis

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Part 3: Structural Changes in the Social Model?

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Research on Social Issues

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The financial and economic crisis of 2008 had catastrophic and multiform consequences in European societies. Of a financial nature at first, the crisis spread to all economic sectors, causing an increase in unemployment and a deterioration of social accounts. Government efforts to prevent a systemic crisis put some countries at risk, requiring large-scale intervention from international organizations. Nevertheless, the majority of European countries experienced a recession. These major economic challenges require the intervention of social protection systems to prevent a deepening of social problems (unemployment, instability, poverty . . .). The magnitude of the economic and social crises questions the very nature of European social systems; in southern Europe, it threatens the core of social services. This issue of Informations Sociales assesses different elements of the crisis affecting Europe and its economic, social, demographic, and political consequences. Public social responses reflected the social models in the different countries. Some solutions are directly linked to lessons learned from past crises, while others are unquestionably innovative approaches to social investment. Therefore, the crisis provides an opportunity to revisit social protection systems supporting citizenship and social bonds.
Created in 1946, this journal is published by the French National Family Allowance Fund (Caisse nationale des allocations familiales) as a tool for reflection for social workers and a place for synthesis and debate for researchers and decision makers. Read more...
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